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Expediter Blogs on EO to Help You Survive and Thrive in the Brave New COVID-19 World

By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
Posted May 4th 2020 10:06AM

“If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…”

This opening line from Rudyard Kipling’s classic poem, “If,” captures the essence of the mindset it takes to succeed in a world of uncertainty.

We must learn to keep our heads calm and cool, especially during this time where so many people in our social media feeds are overwhelmed by fear, anger, and resentment.

But how do you “keep your head” to work toward success in these times?

One way is to consume content that inspires you to grow, challenges you to think differently, and offers good ideas and proven best practices to help you become the best you can be in the expedite business.

That’s why I wanted to highlight some of the expediter blogs we have on EO. They’re written by expediters, like you, who’ve taken the time to share their experiences, lessons learned, and new insights to help you achieve your highest potential.

You may already be following these blogs. But if not, check them out!

It’s a Team’s Life: Linda & Bob Caffee

Linda and Bob Caffee are long-time expedite owner-operators with Landstar who have a wealth of experience in this industry.

Some of their latest posts:

  • Pet Chuckles: Linda shares her experiences about how pets can be entertaining and help bring a sense of calm during stressful times.
  • Is your glass half empty or half full?: Linda’s key takeaway: Your perspective and attitude will determine your level of stress - and success.
  • Rocket Tail – Aero Device: Bob talks about the Rocket Tail, a device that he and Linda researched extensively before deciding to install it on their new truck to improve aerodynamics and fuel economy.

Fuel for Thought: Greg Huggins

Greg is a veteran solo owner-operator with Landstar who writes articles that offer a unique perspective to challenge how you think about the industry, yourself, and your business.

Some of his latest posts:

  • Truck Stops Are Still Charging For Parking?: So, several truck stops are still charging for parking during the COVID-19 pandemic. What are your thoughts? Is that a good or a bad thing? Greg makes a compelling case for why drivers should embrace paid parking -.especially in today’s market.
  • Dog Gone it, This Is About To Get A Little Catty: This is a lighthearted post to celebrate the “very important teammates of some of the truckers out there.” You know...your pets.
  • Mr. Lucky: A number of Greg’s readers will say that he has succeeded as a solo owner-operator because, well, he’s lucky. Instead of pushing back, he owns the label and essentially says, “Okay. I’m lucky. But let me share what I’ve done to create a lot of that ‘luck’ so that hopefully you can be ‘lucky,’ too.” Consider this post the pot of gold awaiting you at the end of the rainbow.

Common Sense: Various Authors

This is one of EO’s newest blogs with a variety of new contributors.

Here are a couple of the latest posts:

  • Can you pick a side and stick with it? (By Kay Oss): What side are you on: More government intervention in your business or less? Kay’s main point: Whichever side you choose, be consistent and own it - even when times are tough.
  • We got this (By Jerome Atrick): This post is not for the faint of heart. Brace yourself to be challenged to push through your fears and be the type of driver who rises to the challenge, not shrinks from it.