Common Sense

We got this

By Jerome Atrick
Posted Apr 16th 2020 7:00AM

Cheese anyone? I heard it goes well with whine.

All you wimpy, scared drivers out there calling for hazard pay…. GO HOME.

Leave the real work to the real drivers. 

We do what we do all the time. 

We do not fold and cry when the chips are down or a challenge is presented. 

We, the real truckers, rise to the occasion and get the job done. 

We do not need your accolades.

We do not need your approval.

We need the scared drivers doing all this whining to go home and let us real truckers handle this.

We got this.  

Take your whining and go cower under the covers at home and keep watching the media for your next crisis.

The real truckers will get the job done so that when this over, you steering wheel holders can emerge from hiding and pretend to be truck drivers again.

We do not need truckers on the road preoccupied with fear and becoming a danger to those of us doing our job. 

We are real truckers. 

We don’t run from responsibility.

We accept the risks.

We do our job.

We understood the risks when we took on this responsibility. 


Jerome Atrick