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Fuel for Thought

  • Featured Story
    A Penny Saved Is Two Pence Clear
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Aug 19th 2018 8:19PM
    It’s been a really good year for hauling freight. Rates are up over previous years and there are plenty of options for loads.
  • Prima Donna Drivers Need To Go
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Aug 13th 2018 6:54AM
    If you network with your fellow drivers, you will hear all sorts of things. When it comes to referencing other drivers, you may often hear about some of the long term drivers that give the impression they are above all others. There are certainly drivers with varying levels of experience and varying lengths of time a driver will remain leased to one carrier.
  • mountain road
    Granny Gear
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Aug 6th 2018 9:26AM
    Leasing on to a new carrier brings high expectations for success. After all, why would you change carriers if not to better your business?
  • lightning
    In A Flash
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jul 27th 2018 5:18PM
    Expediting is generally about emergency freight. Things happen quickly. One minute you may be waiting for a load, the next minute, you may have more loads offered than you can handle at one time. Just like life, circumstances can change in a flash. Literally.
  • Rising Tide
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jul 9th 2018 7:03AM
    The brotherhood and sisterhood of trucking is not dead, it may be ailing, but it can recover.
  • It's Coming Soon
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jul 2nd 2018 8:25AM
    Hardly a day goes by on the road that I don’t run into someone asking about expediting.
  • America's First...
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jun 23rd 2018 10:14AM
    While the U.S. may not have been the first to do so, have you ever wondered about some of the “Firsts” as they now apply to drivers?
  • Free?
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jun 17th 2018 7:01AM
    Lack of parking. Paid parking. Paid Reserve parking. Overpriced. Unhealthy food choices. Trashy parking lots. A small sampling of the complaints from truck drivers regarding truck stops.
  • Working Together
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jun 10th 2018 1:30PM
    For all the bad press and the social media complaints from drivers, you would think all the “greedy” truck stops were just the most horrible places for a driver to be and Satan’s disciples were running the show.
  • Blinded By The Light
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jun 4th 2018 8:42AM
    Seeing and being seen are two different things
  • Customer Camping
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted May 27th 2018 10:10AM
    Time at home means time to catch up on chores that accumulated while I was on the road. It was a very productive vacation last time.