Fuel for Thought


By Greg Huggins
Posted Jun 13th 2024 8:58AM
My first nearly 25 years as an owner operator was spent filling out paper logbooks. It was almost second nature to fill out the pages. I became very familiar with them, even though they had changed a little over the years. It only took a minute or two out each day (combined time) to fill in all the day’s events and calculate available hours.
  • HELP!

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jun 5th 2024 5:14AM
    In this economy, for many owner operators, it has been a struggle just to survive, let alone thrive. We all hear or read
  • The Road Less Traveled

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted May 29th 2024 5:03AM
    Why are you so special? Do you offer anything different from all of the other truck drivers out there? If you can only p
  • Business As Usual

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted May 20th 2024 5:49AM
    The 2024 International Roadcheck has come and gone. As many of you know, this year’s roadcheck, AKA Safety Blitz, took
  • Cars vs. Trucks

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted May 17th 2024 5:00AM
    Truck drivers and four wheelers (cars), quite often these days, seem to be at odds when they have to drive near one anot
  • Get A Grip

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Apr 22nd 2024 6:49AM
    Most, if not all, newer trucks have a traction control button or switch on the dash. Do you know why it is there? Do you