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Fuel for Thought

  • Truck Stops Are Greedy Corporations

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted May 4th 2019 8:47PM
    Truck stops are greedy corporations. Truck stops should give me parking for buying their fuel. Did the truck stops forge
  • Negotiation

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Apr 18th 2019 9:00PM
    We all negotiate, some more than others. Negotiations are an everyday part of life.
  • Tax Time

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Apr 14th 2019 3:18PM
    Tax time is upon us yet again. Tomorrow is this year’s deadline to either file your taxes or file for an extension. Do
  • E=MC²

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Apr 8th 2019 6:47AM
    No, this will not be an article about Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity. Equipment = Money X Commitment².
  • Do You Network?

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Apr 1st 2019 10:07AM
    Do you network? Why not? Networking with your peers can give you new ways of looking at old ideas or problems. A fresh p