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Fuel for Thought

  • Downtime

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Sep 24th 2018 10:20AM
    Truckers have to take breaks. Sometimes it is just a thirty minute break, others are much longer. While some will use th
  • Are You Lucky?

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Sep 16th 2018 12:44AM
    Are you lucky or skilled? To put it another way, do you seek opportunities or hope they find you? Do you rely on luck or
  • Bulky Headsets Are Not The Only Option For Great Sound Quality

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Sep 13th 2018 12:29AM
    Some drivers are always looking for the latest and best in bluetooth devices, others will find one that works for them a
  • HOS

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Sep 1st 2018 10:07PM
    How many hours a day do you drive a CMV? How many would you prefer to drive? What are your thoughts on the 30 minute bre
  • MPG Matters

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Aug 26th 2018 7:18PM
    We all hear drivers talking about MPG (miles per gallon). Most of us understand just how much it can affect our bottom l