Fuel for Thought

Truck Lines

By Greg Huggins
Posted Sep 20th 2023 5:05AM
Why are so many trucking companies called [insert name] truck lines? Why not just [insert name] trucking or [insert name] company?
  • New IFTA Diesel Fuel Tax Rate Map

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Sep 13th 2023 5:01AM
    For years, I have created and updated IFTA (International Fuel Tax Association) maps. It started from a need I had to ea
  • Repair When You Cannot Replace

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Sep 6th 2023 5:00AM
    In the past couple of years, if you have needed parts you have probably found, like I have, that some parts are more sca
  • Truck A/C & Heat Alternative

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Sep 1st 2023 5:33AM
    If you read my previous articles about Auxiliary Power and New APU Part 1 & Part 2, you know that I decided to try out a
  • Inspection Needed

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Aug 27th 2023 7:28AM
    It may seem redundant to pre-trip and post-trip inspect your truck daily. I mean really, what could happen while you are
  • ICOA

    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jul 24th 2023 6:24AM
    If you have signed a lease with a carrier, your ICOA (Independent Contractor Operating Agreement) spells out everything.