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Are You Ready for Tax Season? The Trucker CFO’s New E-Book Can Provide Direction for the Miles Ahead

By Colton Lawrence - The Trucker CFO
Posted Feb 23rd 2023 8:00AM

Welcome to Tax Season!

While everyone on the Trucker CFO Team looks forward to this time of the year, we are very aware that Tax Season is not a highly anticipated event on everyone’s calendar. Even though we are excited and making all the necessary preparations, we know it’s not like the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s or any point in the year where you can send a Hallmark card.

Quite frankly, going through the process of getting your taxes prepared and submitted on time can be very stressful for a lot of Americans, especially if you have to send a payment along with your tax return. We know that’s the reality of tax season.

At Trucker CFO, our team came together in the latter part of last year and explored various ways that we could help to ease the burden that quite often accompanies Tax Season. One of the best ideas that came out of those discussions was to take the time to develop our first e-book, The Trucker CFO’s Guide to Tax Season, The 2023 Edition.

Our focus with the Tax Guide is to provide a comprehensive resource that will help to educate owner-operators, independent contractors, trucking business owners and any professional driver who is making a living out on the road.

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As I was writing the 2023 Edition of the Tax Guide, I wanted to make sure that we shared key strategies that will help professional drivers save money on the tax filings that they will be making during this tax season. We also wanted to go a step further with our first e-book as well.

Utilizing Our Tax Guide As A Year-Round Resource

Everyone who downloads the Tax Guide will find that the topics covered in the Tax Guide are useful well beyond tax season. As you’ll see through your download of the Tax Guide, this e-book has been developed to provide trucking business owners and the professionals behind the wheel with a tool that can assist their business operation throughout the year.

Whether you are an owner-operator, independent contractor, fleet owner or any type of trucking entrepreneur, you should know that you are the CEO of your business. As the leader of your business operation, you need to have a knowledge and understanding of a variety of topics that will allow you to make the best decisions for your business.

When it comes to considerations on taxes and elements of your business that need to be considered throughout the year, we wanted to provide what we like to call a living document that can serve as a reference and a conversation starter. 

The Trucker CFO always works to keep trucking entrepreneurs top of mind in all that we do. Over the many decades that our Trucker CFO Team has spent in the trucking industry, we have become specialists in working with independent contractors, individual owners and small trucking operations. We understand the challenges owner-operators and independent contractors face every day – covering the miles and running your business at the same time.

We know that some trucking entrepreneurs have been in the industry for years and others are just getting started. Our Tax Guide has been designed to give those with experience and those who are starting out with a broad overview on a number of key topics – with an interactive table of contents that allows easy access to the topics in the e-book that speak to you and your needs. We’ve also included a series of podcasts within the Tax Guide that are an audio companion to the written material. If you want to listen to the podcasts as you are moving down the road or you would like to dive deeper into a topic, you have that option through this additional resource.

Every Penny Matters When You Run A Business

If you are operating any business, especially one based in the trucking industry, you need to be watching every penny because every penny matters. As I have said many times on our podcasts, in my radio appearances and through our blog series, the goal in working with our Trucker CFO clients is to assist with them to make sure that, in following best practices at all times, they are placing themselves in a position where they are not paying a penny more in taxes than they are required.

Over the years, we’ve helped clients save thousands of dollars by working to understand their business, to walk in their shoes and to make recommendations that place our clients in the best position to save money on their taxes.

The Trucker CFO’s Guide To Tax Season, The 2023 Edition is an extension of our ongoing commitment to help the hard-working men and women behind the wheel in the trucking industry to save money and grow their businesses.

Answering A Key Question During This Tax Season

By downloading the Tax Guide and exploring your own circumstances, you’ll have a better understanding of the topics as well as how our team works with clients. One of the questions that we ask with the Tax Guide is the following: Have you ever had a service with experience in the trucking industry take the time to analyze your business operation?

At Trucker CFO, we feel this is a very important question, and it's really the central question that has led us to include many of the topics in this guide. Without a tax preparation service that holds trucking industry experience, you could end up with someone preparing your taxes that does not understand the intricacies of the transportation industry. And, it’s been our experience that using people who don’t know the trucking industry often leads to errors and other issues that go wrong with the preparation of the tax return. Ultimately, your choice for your tax preparer can be a decision that can cost you money and, in some cases, a lot of money.

We are talking about your hard-earned money, and picking the service that will be examining your earnings as well as handling tax filings goes beyond a decision that’s based on what’s listed on a restaurant menu. You need to be able to trust and know the people that you are hiring to look into your finances and do your tax filings. Trust is extremely important because you're opening up some very intimate parts of your life.

Trust is earned and every decision you make as a business owner can have an impact on the health and direction of your business. As you make your decision about who will handle your tax preparation during this tax season, our Trucker CFO Team appreciates the fact that you’re not making the choice between the restaurants at any highway exit based solely on the burgers they serve.

We recognize the value of trust and trust is at the heart of the development of our Tax Guide. We filled our e-book with helpful information that we made publicly available through this download. Tax season is here and the time is now to take the first steps toward gaining the knowledge that you need and making decisions that will help you drive savings that can be seen within the bottom line of your business.