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Winter Is Fast Approaching Again

By Sandy and Stephen
Posted Nov 26th 2023 8:00AM
Winter is fast approaching again “YUCK”.  What does that mean, we will start seeing that dreaded four letter cuss word “snow”.   Some places have already seen the cuss word.  This is from our blog last year and wanted to repost to remind everyone to stay safe. This got us to thinking of going over tips for driving on snow or icy roads. ·         Slow down – Take all the time you need to get to your destination.  No load is worth getting it there on-tim...
  • Federal Legislation Overtime for Truckers

    By Sandy and Stephen
    Posted Nov 16th 2023 8:00AM
    Introduced into both Houses of congress the Guaranteeing Overtime for Truckers Act (GOT) to amend the Fair Labor Standar...
  • 10 Essential Tools all Truckers Need

    By Millennials in Trucking
    Posted Nov 9th 2023 1:00PM
    We’ve compiled a short list of 10 essential tools every driver needs to make working as a truck driver, that much easi
  • Finding your Fleet (Part II)

    By Millennials in Trucking
    Posted Nov 7th 2023 11:00AM
    A recent post shared by a fellow expediter made some great points when it came to finding a small fleet to work for...
  • Nextbase Dash Cams Interactive Crash Map

    By Sandy and Stephen
    Posted Oct 6th 2023 8:00AM
    Ever wonder while you are driving down a road if you are in a deadly crash area or not?  Now someone has made it easy t...
  • Federal Legislation Sept 2023

    By Sandy and Stephen
    Posted Sep 26th 2023 8:00AM
    This will cover three bills that are in both houses.  Two of them are House of Representatives and one is in the Senate...