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Diesel Exhaust Treatment

By Sandy and Stephen
Posted Apr 16th 2024 8:00AM
Recently we found a newer product that will treat your Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).  The company has a couple of different versions of the DEF treatment.  We bought one to try and just put our first bottle in. The version we bought was the Diesel DEF Treatment in the eight fluid ounces size.  Our DEF tank is 25 gallons and this bottle is suppose to treat that much DEF. Here are links to the different versions: Rislone Diesel DEF Treatment The above is to treat DEF before it...
  • ATRI Detention Survey

    By Sandy and Stephen
    Posted Apr 8th 2024 8:00AM
    The American Trucking Research Institute (ATRI) has put out a survey on Truck Driver Detention experience.   This surv...
  • Pre Post Trip Complacent

    By Stephen and Sandy
    Posted Apr 6th 2024 8:00AM
    Just recently we had our DOT inspection done.  It always gets us to thinking how complacent we get doing our pre and po...
  • Submerged Survival: Tips for Surviving Water Emergencies

    By Millennials in Trucking
    Posted Apr 2nd 2024 10:00AM
    After digesting a wealth of information from articles, press releases, studies, and Coast Guard training manuals, we're
  • The Baltimore Bridge Collapse

    By Millennials in Trucking
    Posted Mar 27th 2024 7:00AM
    If you felt your intrusive thoughts come to fruition as you were made aware of the devastating news that came out of Bal...
  • 2024 Mid America Truck Show Wrap-up

    By Sandy and Stephen
    Posted Mar 26th 2024 8:00AM
    Here is to another successful Mid America Tuck Show.  It feels like we walked a million miles each day and our bodies l...