It's a Team's Life

  • GPS Application Routing Choices

    By Sandy and Stephen
    Posted Oct 31st 2022 8:00AM
    We all have to get somewhere and most likely where we are going, we have never been there before.  So, we need help and...
  • Let It Snow

    By Sandy and Stephen
    Posted Oct 24th 2022 8:00AM
    Winter is fast approaching “YUCK”.  What does that mean, we will start seeing that dreaded four letter cuss word ...
  • Hurricane Ian State Farm Support

    By Stephen and Sandy
    Posted Oct 17th 2022 8:00AM
    For our fifth year in a row, we got to run support loads for State Farm Insurance.  They have two warehouses one locate...
  • Carbon Monoxide

    By Sandy and Stephen
    Posted Oct 10th 2022 8:00AM
    Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, highly poisonous, odorless, tasteless, flammable gas that is slightly less dense th...
  • Organize Load Securement Equipment

    By Sandy and Stephen
    Posted Oct 3rd 2022 8:00AM
    As expeditors we all have a lot of load securement equipment.  We have to be creative on how to organize and store this...