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It's a Team's Life

  • Let's go Somewhere

    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Apr 20th 2019 7:33AM
    How long can you stay home before you want to go somewhere?
  • Forks in the Road

    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Apr 15th 2019 7:46AM
    Looking back in time we can see clearly forks in the road where we either made a good or bad decision.
  • Grapevine I-5 California

    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Apr 10th 2019 7:13AM
    Have you ever been the person trying to sleep going over Grapevine in California? I am thankful for our smooth riding F
  • Can you save this Refrigerator?

    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Apr 5th 2019 8:38AM
    Before and after pictures of a refrigerator
  • Taking a break from Expediting

    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Mar 31st 2019 8:23AM
    What could be a better combination - love of racing and race truck transporters.