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Bandaged bear trucker Occupational Accident
Bandaged bear trucker Occupational Accident

Truck Insurance States for Occupational Accident

By Christina Cummings, TRS & Shelly Benisch, CIC & TRS
Posted Apr 26th 2023 12:15PM

Truckers and Expediters can purchase Occupational Accident insurance coverage in most states, but a handful still require Workers Comp instead.

These 4 states do NOT allow Occupational Accident insurance policies for independent contractor truckers and expediters: 

  1. Connecticut
  2. Maryland 
  3. Nevada 
  4. North Carolina 

Also, some insurance providers don't offer Occupational Accident insurance policies for Owner Operators in Colorado or California.

New Owner Operators and Motor Carriers looking for the Best State to set up truck insurance should be aware of these 4 states requiring Workers Comp in lieu of the less expensive Occupational Accident coverage....and proceed cautiously with Colorado and California.

What IS Occupational Accident Insurance for Truckers and Expediters?

Occupational Accident coverage is supplemental insurance an Owner Operator can purchase for injuries that may occur on the job.

Since Independent Contractors are excluded from most Workers Comp requirement laws, Occupational Accident is just another choice for Owner Operators.

Occupational Accident is less comprehensive than Workers Comp coverage because it pays up to a specific policy limit and also does not offer legal expenses.

...But the premium is far less averaging between $122-$152 per month person in expediting, depending on type of unit.

The Expediting niche of trucking utilizes cargo vans, sprinters and straight trucks, with typical requested Limits of Liability of $1 Million per occurrence - $2 Million Aggregate.

Many Motor Carriers in Expediting require their leased-on Owner Operators to carry Occupational Accident coverage.   

It can help reinforce the independent contractor status along with its supplemental coverage benefits which include:

     Accident Medical Expenses

     Accidental Paralysis or Dismemberment

     Temporary Total or Continuous Total Disability

     Survivors Benefits and Accidental Death

Many plans also include some coverage for non-occupational injuries as well.

Occupational Accident programs are supplemental insurance plans that pay second to primary health insurance or personal injury protection in no fault states.


Your Owner Operator Occupational Accident insurance works in tandem with your Motor Carrier's Contingent Liability plan, which protects them against possible legal action should an Owner Op sustain injuries and be deemed an employee.

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