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Common Sense

Can you pick a side and stick with it?

By Kay Oss
Posted Apr 26th 2020 8:08AM

Can you pick a side and stick with it? All these drivers want the government to step in and help them out. It was just a couple of years ago they were protesting over government regulation and asking the government to stay out of the trucking industry, now some of these same people want the government to step in and help with freight rates. It has taken me years of planning, saving and struggling to build up to where I am today. I can live with the regulations. I can thrive when left to make my own choices. During this crisis drivers want government assistance, no hours of service and special allowances for parking and food. Well, you got it and still you’re not happy. Now there are protests over pay and rates and rumblings of going on strike?!? What in the world is wrong with some of you? What are you striking for? Who are you striking against? I am just one owner operator making her way in this industry but for the life of me I cannot understand why so many of you are so unhappy with the job you chose to do. If you do not like your job, go get another one and live a happy life. Please do not go on strike. I think those of you wanting to strike and protest will never be happy in this line of work and you should find something better suited to needs. 

Kay Oss