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  • Featured Story
    Deck the Hauls 2016: 6 Holiday Gifts Your Favorite Expediter Will Love
    By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
    Posted Dec 19th 2016 12:39PM
    Have an expedited trucker on your holiday shopping list? Don't know where to begin to figure out what gifts they would love and actually use? If you're stumped on what to get your favorite expediter, you've come to the right place. Here are six ideas to help you choose the perfect gift for your driver. 1. The Truck Driver's Pressure Relieving CushionSince your favorite expediter spends long hours behind the wheel, this seat cushion can help a d...
  • Safety on the road
    Don’t Become a Victim! 5 Tips to Protect Yourself on the Road
    By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
    Posted Oct 17th 2016 9:00AM
    When you're out on the road, you're not always in the best areas of town. And you never know when you're at risk of getting robbed or assaulted, wheth...
  • Enjoying the Journey: Top Places to See During Your Travels
    By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
    Posted Oct 10th 2016 9:00AM
    One of the perks of being an expedite owner-operator or driver is that you get to travel the country, usually on someone else's dime. But, more often ...
  • Driver Distraction
    Keep Your Eyes on the Road: Eliminate Driver Distraction
    By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
    Posted May 2nd 2016 9:00AM
    The temptation is strong. You've been driving for hours and want some sort of diversion to break up the monotony. I'll just check something real quick...
  • Health Insurance Options
    Getting Health Insurance as an Expedite Owner-Operator
    By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
    Posted Apr 18th 2016 9:00AM
    The Affordable Care Act -- also known as "Obamacare" -- has been a political lightning rod since it was passed into law in 2010. But for trucking owne...
  • Sleep Apnea Signals
    The Signs of Sleep Apnea
    By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
    Posted Mar 14th 2016 9:00AM
    If you're constantly feeling sleepy throughout the day, you might be suffering from sleep apnea. And that could be having a major impact on your long-...
  • Million Mile Expediter
    Success Tips from Million-Mile Expediters
    By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
    Posted Mar 3rd 2016 1:20PM
    Imagine that you could spend a few moments with successful, million-mile expediters to ask them advice from their years (and miles) of experience to h...
  • Deck the Hauls
    Last-Minute Gifts Expediters will Love (and use)
    By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
    Posted Dec 21st 2015 9:00AM
    If you have an expediter on your holiday shopping list, you may be overwhelmed, not knowing where to begin. You're thinking, "I'm not a trucker; I don...
  • Layover hotspots
    Making the Most of Your Layover
    By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
    Posted Dec 14th 2015 9:00AM
    One of the facts of life as an expediter is the (often long) wait time between loads. So, if you're going to have to sit for a while, you might as we...
  • The Importance of Sleep for Expediters
    If You (Don’t) Snooze, You Lose
    By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
    Posted Nov 30th 2015 9:00AM
    If you’re an expediter, you understand that temptation to fight through sleepiness. “I can do this,” you think. Drink coffee. Get fresh air. Spl...
  • The Expediter’s Emergency Plan
    By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
    Posted Nov 23rd 2015 9:44AM
    You’re enroute to deliver a load but get that dreaded call. One of your children has been in a car crash, and you need to get back home as soon poss...