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Rocket Tail – Aero Device

By Bob Caffee
Posted Apr 11th 2020 6:19AM

We have always tried to be ahead of the curve in the fuel economy chase. Starting with a well spec'd truck is first. Freightliner did a fantastic job with aerodynamics on the new Cascadia.  In our situation, the cargo body really needs help. Since our ARI Legacy sleeper is two feet shorter than the body, we installed a Nose Cone and gained over a one-half mile per gallon with that addition.

Trailers, like our box, have been in great need of aerodynamic help. There are many devices specifically designed to make those improvements. Skirts, under trays, the Nose Cone, and there have been several rear of trailer devices. We have tried a few of these devices on our straight truck, and they all have shown some improvements.

The newest device we found is called Rocket Tail.

Linda found it at the NACV show in Atlanta last fall. Easy to install, reasonably nice looking and a projected improvement of +/- 3%. A large fleet based in New Mexico did a test at their facility with other trailer devices and then the  Rocket Tail alone.  See the video of the test and the results at

At the time I wrote this, we haven't moved the truck, so our results will be relayed sometime in the future. Hopefully, we can achieve the same or better results than the tests, we will see.

Until next time, be safe out there.

Update to our fuel mileage using odometer 

Lifetime Mileage (75,408 miles) 11.328 

Nose cone (22440 miles)  11.473

Rocketail  (11340 Miles) 12.10

We drove 41628 miles with no aero devices before adding Nose Cone.  Part of the big increase for the Rocketail was due to the warmer weather we believe.  Either way, it is reassuring to look at the fuel mileage and see higher numbers.  Bob's next project it to finish skirting the truck. 

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