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Fuel for Thought

Dog Gone it, This Is About To Get A Little Catty

By Greg Huggins
Posted Apr 2nd 2020 3:50AM

With all that is going on in this country and around the world, how about something to brighten your day? No COVID-19 discussion. 

Truckers keep hearing from the public about their appreciation for what we do. There are stories of free dinners and "Thank you" goodie bags being given to drivers. People are noticing the trucking industry for their role in the supply chain. Drivers are finding customers and the public more welcoming in a lot of areas of the country. 

I haven't seen much in the media about some of the other important members traveling the highways and byways to get the products delivered. So I thought I would share some of the often overlooked, but very important teammates of some of the truckers out there.







and let's not forget...

And here is...

Last but not least, here is...

All the public generosity recently towards truck drivers is great, but don't forget about their furry buddies that also help them run mile after mile to get there on time.

This is just a small sample of of the "teammates" helping to keep America rolling.

Hopefully these pictures of some of the most well traveled pets out on the road brought a smile to your day amid all the chaos that the media is reporting.

Thanks to all the drivers who generously shared their photos with me for this article.

See you down the road,