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Common Sense


By Anonymous Contributor
Posted Jul 14th 2020 8:05AM
These are the original seven wonders of the world.
  • Who are THEY?

    By Jerome Atrick
    Posted Jun 24th 2020 8:02AM
    They say a lot.
  • Fueling and Parking

    By Anonymous
    Posted Jun 16th 2020 8:31AM
    Could you please post this to help get everyone on the same page out here? New drivers need to know that the fuel islan
  • Not going down without a fight

    By Jerome Atrick
    Posted Jun 8th 2020 8:15AM
    This assault on the public by the “protesters” has gotten way out of hand.
  • The Next Crisis

    By Timothy Foyel
    Posted Jun 1st 2020 8:02AM
    We are now on to the next crisis. I have been saying it for years but no one wants to believe me.
  • Cow Patties

    By J.J.
    Posted May 27th 2020 8:02AM
    All you mask wearing, afraid of your own shadow people that get their marching orders from the mainstream media, I have