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Common Sense

Common Sense
Common Sense for an Uncommon World

Never let your guard down

By George W.
Posted Sep 14th 2020 8:03AM
I haven’t seen anyone talking about this so I thought I would send it in.
  • Call For Common Sense

    By The Editor
    Posted Aug 10th 2020 6:45AM
    Common Sense words that you would like to share with our Uncommon World
  • History

    By Anonymous Contributor
    Posted Jul 14th 2020 8:05AM
    These are the original seven wonders of the world.
  • Who are THEY?

    By Jerome Atrick
    Posted Jun 24th 2020 8:02AM
    They say a lot.
  • Fueling and Parking

    By Anonymous
    Posted Jun 16th 2020 8:31AM
    Could you please post this to help get everyone on the same page out here? New drivers need to know that the fuel islan
  • Not going down without a fight

    By Jerome Atrick
    Posted Jun 8th 2020 8:15AM
    This assault on the public by the “protesters” has gotten way out of hand.