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Never let your guard down

By George W.
Posted Sep 14th 2020 8:03AM

I haven’t seen anyone talking about this so I thought I would send it in. 

With a pandemic going on and stay at home orders and socially distancing, did anyone notice that us essential workers were getting hosed on fuel taxes? Our government needed to shut down or work from home for weeks or months and they still managed to raise the fuel taxes on the “Heroes” who kept America moving during the pandemic. We have been called essential to our economy and still some states were able to raise fuel taxes during this time. Here is a list of some of the latest increases

California .795

Illinois .611

Indiana .51

South Carolina .24

Virginia surcharge .137

So while we are busy busting our butts to keep the shelves stocked, they are busy raising our cost to operate. Never let your guard down, even when they are not supposed to be working they are still looking for ways to get in your wallet.

George W.

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