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Common Sense

  • Cheap Freight

    By Jerome Atrick
    Posted May 2nd 2020 8:10AM
    Everyone talks about cheap freight. Do you haul cheap freight? Of course you don’t. Neither do I. How do you define ch
  • Can you pick a side and stick with it?

    By Kay Oss
    Posted Apr 26th 2020 8:08AM
    Can you pick a side and stick with it? All these drivers want the government to step in and help them out. It was just a
  • I ain’t given in now

    By J.J.
    Posted Apr 20th 2020 8:30AM
    What in the Sam Hill is all the truck drivers complaining about?
  • We got this

    By Jerome Atrick
    Posted Apr 16th 2020 7:00AM
    Cheese anyone? I heard it goes well with whine. All you wimpy, scared drivers out there calling for hazard pay…. GO HO
  • Godspeed

    By Ruth Potter
    Posted Apr 10th 2020 7:38AM
    We are living in unprecedented times. Our societies around the world are dealing with an enemy like none have seen befor