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Common Sense

Woofers and Yappers

By Jerome Atrick
Posted May 17th 2020 8:02AM

Isn’t he cute? There are a lot of truckers who have dogs and cats with them on the road. Most of the time other drivers never know about the cats in trucks, but we sure as hell know about a lot of the dogs out here. From big and brawny woofers to tiny little yappers. Can some of you pet owning truckers do all of us and your pet a favor and train your dogs? Yeah, sure some of them are cute, but we could all do without the constant yapping and woofing. A well trained dog, I would like to really emphasize a trained dog, can be a great companion as well as an alarm for intruders. Not every driver walking into the truck stop is a threat. The barking can be startling to someone passing by, but even worse is when I have to be parked next to your constantly yapping dog. Yes, I can still hear your ankle biter or woofer from inside my truck. Train your dog and we can all have some peace. Oh, and another thing, pick up after your dog. There is enough trash to dodge in parking lots without also having to watch for your dog's last meal deposited where people walk. Oh, and for the drivers who are always complaining about the chicken bones that some drivers leave on the ground for your untrained dog to find and choke on, if you train your damn dog, you won’t have to worry about the little yapper choking on them. I don’t think drivers should drop their trash on the ground, but I also think it is your responsibility as a dog owner to train the furball to NOT eat everything it finds on the ground. Do us all a favor and train your damn dog.

Jerome Atrick