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Common Sense

Anti Protest

By A.D. Riverside
Posted May 12th 2020 7:45AM

I’ve seen a lot of things in my driving career. Not much surprises me anymore. Times change, markets change, businesses must change to adapt to these changes. If you can’t earn a living in trucking, maybe it is not the shippers and brokers, maybe it is you. I saw where hundreds of trucks went to DC to protest. I’m not sure what they wanted, but it seems to me that is a small percentage of drivers compared to the number of trucks I see everyday. Hell, I could count a few hundred trucks going around the Atlanta bypass most any day. I know there are some drivers who support them that are not there, but my guess is that there are many more still out here working and earning a good living while they try to get new rules passed up there that will affect us all. Where is the anti protest? That’s right, we are busy working and doing what we do everyday to keep the bills paid, keep the products flowing and we don’t have time to go protest the protest. I sure hope whatever they get changed, if anything, it doesn’t hurt those of us who know how to turn down a bad rate and find the good ones. Many of us have figured out how to run our trucks for profit without looking for a government handout. Would yall protesters up in DC take a business course before assuming we all need you to get more regulations for the rest of us?

This will be another case of the minority speaking for the majority. I don’t know about yall, but I didn’t get a vote on whether or not to send them up there to speak for me. I don't think the trucking associations speak for the little guy and I don't think that group of truckers up there in DC do either.