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Common Sense

Idle Fool

By Leigh Vitoff
Posted May 9th 2020 8:13AM

Is it too cold or is it too hot? 

It is not all about your comfort.

The weather is cool but it will get hot later today.  The company truck that is parked next to me starts.  Why did that truck start? Low Voltage? Is the driver cold or hot? The driver is getting ready to leave? Nope,  none of the above, the driver comes forward, windows open, and he plops down in the driver’s seat. Next, he picks up the phone and makes a few calls, then he watches out the window as others drive by.  

This truck has been idling now for a few hours with the driver sitting in the front seat basically twiddling his thumbs.  The truck is newer and as we all know that idling a newer truck is a quick way to shorten the life of the engine.  Who is paying for all that wasted fuel?  In one way the driver sitting in the front seat is.  The company pays those expenses and buys the trucks that do not last as long as they should.  Higher expenses = lower driver wages.   

Times are tough right now for everyone, a one-truck owner, a small fleet, or a large trucking company.  Can one person make a difference by taking care of the truck they drive? 

You can make a difference, turn the damn truck off you Idle Fool.