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Common Sense


Untied States

By Timothy Foyel
Posted May 4th 2020 8:06PM

I’m sure this will not get published, but I felt the need to write it anyway. 

By now, some of you may have finally come around to realizing what I have been saying for years. This New World Order is getting closer to taking over. Do you see the inconsistencies with the way this virus pandemic is being handled? It’s origin? Can you follow the money and see the illuminati that is behind it? This is a test run to see who will resist. When will you rise up and think for yourself? 

It will not happen right away, like I said, this is a test to see if the world is ready. 

Locally, here in our country, can you see where our freedoms are being taken away in the name of safety for an invisible enemy? An enemy that is not even as deadly as the noxious air we breathe in some cities? How will they phase it in? Now that they have gotten enough people to “shelter in place”, studies will show how global warming was reduced during this time of less travel to try to prove that it really is the car pollution affecting our planet, so there will be limits placed on your travels.

You have now been quarantined and learned how to buy what you need without cash, now you are one step closer to a cashless society.

You can no longer buy what you want or how much of it you want, you can only have what the government will allow to be sold and only in the amounts they deem necessary. When you do venture out to buy what they will let you have, many areas are only allowing one family member to shop at a time, separating families.

Free cities and towns are going on complete lockdown. States are rejecting visitors from other states. Our United States are being Untied.

We are not allowed to assemble in our churches, and you comply.

You have been told that everyone you could meet might be infected, so you cannot gather in groups. Isn’t that convenient? If you do not gather, you cannot rise up and resist, they just reduced your chance of an uprising by making you fear your neighbors.

They want you to report on your neighbor for disobeying orders. Now you are individuals, not a group or community. Everyone suspects everyone else.

Will you now rely on your government to fund your liberty? Many will. 

Timothy Foyel