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Common Sense

  • Memorial Day

    By Anonymous Patriot
    Posted May 25th 2020 8:00AM
    Memorial Day 2020 is upon us.
  • Woofers and Yappers

    By Jerome Atrick
    Posted May 17th 2020 8:02AM
    Isn’t he cute? There are a lot of truckers who have dogs and cats with them on the road.
  • Anti Protest

    By A.D. Riverside
    Posted May 12th 2020 7:45AM
    I’ve seen a lot of things in my driving career. Not much surprises me anymore.
  • Idle Fool

    By Leigh Vitoff
    Posted May 9th 2020 8:13AM
    Is it too cold or is it too hot? It is not all about your comfort.
  • Untied States

    By Timothy Foyel
    Posted May 4th 2020 8:06PM
    I’m sure this will not get published, but I felt the need to write it anyway.