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Common Sense

The Next Crisis

By Timothy Foyel
Posted Jun 1st 2020 8:02AM

We are now on to the next crisis. I have been saying it for years but no one wants to believe me. They got many of you to conform to a new way of thinking this is a normal way to live in America with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) hoax. It was just a test to see how you would react. The entire plot was conceived by the Chinese government and the wealthiest people around the world. It was and is being thrust upon you to see who they can and cannot control. Now they see how much they can get some of you to do out of fear from an unseen, and largely ineffective virus, so then it is time for Asian giant hornets, AKA The Murder Hornets. Now they have given you another threat, this time a visual one, with the hopes of keeping you sheltered in your home even longer. What better follow up to the invisible virus that was going to kill most Americans than to now give you a menacing visual that could also come out of nowhere and kill you? Some Americans are quite resilient though. Some have resisted the virus and most have forgotten all about the killer wasps. So what are the powerful supposed to do now? If the last few days are any indication, they will incite riots and looting. What better way to control the people than to divide and conquer. Pit them against each other. Distraction is one of  the greatest cover tactics. While all of you either join in the riots and looting or live in fear of being caught up in one, the powers that be are quietly making major changes in the world. These crises are not political, they are about money and power. Follow the money during any crisis, that will show you who is really pulling the strings. Every crisis has winners and losers. What will the next crisis be? Isn't it about time for the oil industry to have a boost?

Timothy Foyel