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Common Sense

Fueling and Parking

By Anonymous
Posted Jun 16th 2020 8:31AM

Could you please post this to help get everyone on the same page out here? 

New drivers need to know that the fuel island is not a parking spot. We all have to take our breaks, but we also need to be aware that everyone does not take a break at the same time. Some of us just need to fuel, maybe potty and go. Getting trapped behind an inconsiderate driver blocking the pumps is very frustrating. If you need to get anything other than fuel, water, air or def, please go park your truck before going inside. Blocking the fuel island when you go to order food, take a shower or to take your 30 minute break is holding up everyone else. Please park your rig away from the fuel islands and go in to take care of your business. Fueling a truck only takes about 10-15 minutes at the most, waiting 2-3 times that for drivers to move their trucks makes the traffic back up out on the road in a lot of places. And please pull forward when you are finished fueling. This has always been a common courtesy. This practice of parking wherever to do your business has to stop. You wouldn’t like it if you were blocked in anywhere, think about your fellow drivers. It all starts with one. Be the one to show some kindness and do not block fueling areas. Set an example for others to follow.