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Common Sense

Cow Patties

By J.J.
Posted May 27th 2020 8:02AM

All you mask wearing, afraid of your own shadow people that get their marching orders from the mainstream media, I have something to tell you, if your new religion comes from the gospel of 24 hour news, keep that follow the herd mentality to yourself. I follow a different herd, the herd, no, the stampede of free thinkers. We recognize the cow patties that the news is shoving down your throats and we refuse to eat and drink from that trough. I would like to thank you for conforming to their agenda though, it makes it a whole heck of a lot easier for those of us who can and do think for ourselves to recognize those of you who can not. If you want to wear your mask, if that makes you feel better, then so be it, but keep your attitude and your opinions to yourself. I will not wear a mask. You don’t even know why you are wearing one. And to those of you who think that when I don’t don a face covering that I am going to infect you, then I ask, what is your mask doing for you? If it doesn’t protect you from people like me, the maskless, then what exactly does it do for you? Does it protect you from the other masked mental midgets? Or does it just hide your shame for believing and going along with what “they” told you to do? If my not wearing a mask is going to somehow infect you, rather than try to make a rational thinking person like me leave a place because you feel safer with a bandana, why don’t you stay out of places where I go? Have any of you face covered fools considered that if the best doctors on the planet still do not know how to defeat this virus, why do you think a thin piece of cloth, which cannot even filter dust particles, can protect you? It can’t. It won’t. In this country, we still have Rights and freedoms. Your Right to wear a mask does NOT in any way Trump my Right to choose NOT to wear one. Your rights are not superior to mine. Now get back to work, stop all the cow tailing, turn off the tv, think for yourself and stop eating all the bull pucky “they” are feeding you.