Common Sense

You Make Your Own Choices

By John M.
Posted Apr 2nd 2021 7:15AM

Everyone wants someone else to blame for their own problems. If you want to take a job that will be strenuous on you then you should be prepared for it. Take some personal responsibility for your own actions. You are not cut out to do everything. You have the right in this country to choose the life you earn. If you want it then go get it but there will be failures and you should own up to them. It is not everyone elses responsibility to hold your hand at every missed step of your chosen journey thru life. You make your own choices and you want to reap the rewards but you do not want to accept the pitfalls of your plans. And sometimes you are just to old to do some jobs. It is not the companies fault that you are not able to do the work. Maybe you are not seasoned enough to handle seasonal work. Leave it to those who can do the job right and proper.

John M.

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