Fuel for Thought

Truck Stops Are Still Charging For Parking?

By Greg Huggins
Posted Apr 23rd 2020 6:29PM

At a time when freight rates are down, if you can even find freight, truck stops are still charging for parking??

What kind of greedy SOBs are running truck stops right now and charging truckers for a place to park?

Truckers are hurting for revenue and those greedy truck stops want our little bit of revenue just to park for the night to get some much needed rest??

Truck drivers who think this way need to learn to appreciate all that the truck stops provide to us. We all work together. Truckers couldn’t truck if there were no places to fuel, but truck stops cannot survive on fuel alone. They depend on us and the general public to also patronize the restaurants, convenience stores and fast food available to us at the truck stops around the country. There are many drivers who use truck stops for a personal parking area near their homes, a place to leave their rigs and go home for a night or more. Then there are the drivers who use all the free services truck stops offer (parking, restrooms, etc.), but never even buy fuel or anything else. This brings no revenue to the truck stop, hence paid parking to subsidize the loss of revenue from a possible paying customer who has nowhere to park. How long can a business give away services and amenities before a change has to be made? Anything free will be wasted, as it has no value.  

In our current economic environment, many of the truck stop restaurants are either closed or only offering to go orders. This is also a loss to the truck truck stop and their wait staff. Then there is the social distancing that keeps many drivers from shopping in the truck stops. Another loss of revenue to the truck stops. 

Now, all they have left is fuel revenue, paid parking and possibly repair shop services.

There is nothing greedy about a business trying to earn enough revenue to keep the doors open. 

And to top it off, now (temporarily, but at the worst time), food trucks can now serve truckers in rest areas. I understand food trucks need business too, but if truckers shun truck stops during this time, they may just lose some of the truck stop services for good. Right now, especially now, truckers need to support the truck stops that support them. 

I have never been a fan of paid parking, but I understand the need for it. Truck stops are running a business just like many truckers are, for profit. Without profit, there is no business.

There is nothing greedy about truck stops charging for parking, it has a value.

Support the truck stops that you rely on. 

Pay for some parking.

Get some of your meals from the truck stops that will be there later to serve you when the food trucks are gone.

See you down the road,