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Increased Driver Interest, A Good Problem to Have

By Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted Sep 23rd 2022 10:00AM
The transportation industry, including expedite, has witnessed a quick infusion of renewed interest in driving opportunities since the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down the world’s processes and operations. Something to come out of this world-changing event is a glaring light shining on the roles of truckers and their importance to the daily American landscape. This sudden interest in expedite and commercial driving can be attributed to pay raises across the transportation spec...
  • Appreciating Our Drivers

    By Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
    Posted Sep 16th 2022 8:00AM
    A simple “thank you” will never be enough. I mean, what really can be said to the women and men who spend hours, day...
  • Women in Trucking, with Ellen Voie: Q&A

    By Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
    Posted Sep 12th 2022 8:00AM
    The following Q&A session between Expediters Online and Ellen Voie of Women In Trucking focuses on the organization...
  • Covid Continuance for Expediters

    By Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
    Posted Sep 9th 2022 8:00AM
    As we’ve seen over the past two and a half years, since COVID-19 became a consistency in daily life, the transportatio...
  • Choose Your Own Adventure

    By Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
    Posted Sep 2nd 2022 8:00AM
    Whether you’re a seasoned owner-operator or an independent contractor looking for your opportunity to get into the exp...
  • Expediter Services Unveils Comprehensive Update To The Company’s Website

    By Contributing Writer
    Posted Sep 1st 2022 1:10PM has been designed to provide trucking professionals with a website that is easy to navigate and ...