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    Hauling Hazmat in CVs and Sprinters???

    It's been yrs since i ran Canada,so this info may be dated.You cannot take any amount across the Ambas bridge,i mean not one box of paint.I think they have a ferry, but i was always paid to go to the Blue Water and cross there.I have my endorsment and get some paint every once and awhile,no...
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    Steer Tires

    Need new ones and i got a guy who has some used 200 miles on them, Goodyr 662's. Now the website doesn't suggest them for long haul app.Has anyone run there's? and how long did they last? would you by them for 200$ under invoice? thats whats he is asking.400 apice plus mounting and free balancing.
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    Here's my Sad tale....

    Got a 06 ford with a 5.4,the last yr or so got the cat code[lower bank] about 2 months ago it started idling ruff.I took it to a really good ford dealer by me cause they have the best software and with 550,000 on it they ran all the test you can run only to come away with the cat needs to be...
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    Where Were You On 9.11.2001 ?

    I too was listening to Howard Sterns coverage of the event,at the Target or some 24hr superstore on Mound rd in Sterling Heights M.I.
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    Load 1 ST staying busy?

    I have a solo with Load1,and if your solo i'd give them a serious look.The Landstar system is different your the one finding your loads and building relationships with the brokers.Might wanna check out Ateam and there blog or there theards to get a feel for LEA.
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    Today's Fleet Owners

    I've been at it for 12yrs,had up to 6 units vans and strts and now have 4.I've got a solo and a team in the strt trks and i drive a van and have a driver in another van.There were alot of good points made,i've had my share of bad trks,bad luck,bad carriers,and troubled economic time.The sink or...
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    Van fuel pumps

    I would like to know if the standard GM warranty covers the pump,i would guess no.I have never had a pump go,my mechanic passed this on to me and i've done it on a fellow expeditors vanwith good results.With vehicles that have the pump in the tank and you know or suspect you have a fuel delivery...
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    Heading to Panther

    I've been there since 99 [Panther] and with all the changes,there's still no hauling hazmat in vans [over 1001 pounds] at least now i don't think it's required.It is for me cause that's how i keep my CDL with having to rent a trk to get the air brakes endorsment.I was told again this was yrs ago...
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    Heading to Panther

    Before you go to Seville,get a contract from the owner and if you have questions get them answered before you go to Seville.I would spend some money and take a look at the trk your going to be driving,before you........ you get the idea.
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    Synthetic oil/What is the correct weight oil to use?

    I bought my 06 with a 5.4 new,so to keep ford happy i used the 5-20.I went to 10-30 mobil ful syn after the warranty was done.I have 470,000 on it and it's doing well,I had a 99 with a 5.4 that threw a rod,back then i don't think they had the 5-20 but whatever the weight was they wanted to see...
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    Heading to Vegas

    As was mentioned by Scott,valley of fire sp a must see.If your into the Pawn Stars you can go see there store.It may help to see the Pawn Stars before the Blue Man Group,or not.There softcore pawn for the most part.
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    Report your weather

    Lansing I.L winds about 14-18 mph, temp 25, heavy snow right now hard to say how much so far. The trouble is the drifts,i got one about 6 ft by my garage.The main roads are passable if you can get to them,not sure about the expressway.
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    What Do You Do To Earn Your Pay?

    Ya the basics have been covered,Greg made me think of all the times i've had walk shippers thur a custom invoice for Canada.
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    Report your weather

    Lansing I.L which is on the bordor of I.N 8-9 miles west of Gary I.N.The snow has picked up to go along with a wind that has made huge drifts on most roads,temps at 21 with a plus 1 wind chill.
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    Fuel Stats Cargo Van

    I gotta 2010 2500 chevy with a 6.0 and a 3.42 rear end,i haven't driven it much but i do know i'm turning 2000 rpm's at around 70 mph with is nothing like my fords.If i'm doing 70 in my 2006 e250 with a 3.73 and a 5.4 i'm around 2400 rpm's.I haven't expedited with it yet,i'm still setting it up...