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I would at Tysinger in Hampton VA, I work with ED Maxfield his cell phone is 315 5599646
I drove for CEVA 14 years in a sprinter van. give me a call tomorrow 757 342 8471,
also drove for roberts express and fedexcc for 11 years
now semi retired for 4 years
hello GS. I have a 2014 258 alp, leaking coolant above the def with a rusted line. without changing the line, can it be eliminated somewhere before it goes under the cab ? from what i understand it keeps the def from freezing. im in florida and dont need to worry about that. thanks
Basic Commercial Drivers Legal Plan
Good Day! Thank you, for the opportunity to help serve your community of hardworking men and women of the Trucking Industry. I'm here to discuss the issues faced by Commercial Drivers and help protect what is most important to you and your employer. 1. Regulation; 2. Violation; and 3. Compliance Safety & Accountability (CSA).