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Fastest Virtual Dispatching platform on the planet! A well blended network of Drivers, Brokers and Dispatchers committed to providing Owner/Operators and carries nationwide with the logistics tools they need. We believe it is our duty to offer 24 hour service to our clients due to the high demands of the industry today. Let Zoomi get you from point A to B fast and efficiently!
Hello I have a 2007 Hino 338 when I try to start it. It wont turn over and the power steering hose gets hot enough to start melting it can you help me
Thank you
Hello everyone. Can somebody give advise. Which company is better for expediting with sprinter 2500. And which type of income is better. Paid by miles or by %. Thanks a lot.
IM using Jung Express and Empire National they both are good. Empire for the long trips that pay well. Jung will get you circulating around the midwest