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  • Hi Geo

    I was reading your post on the person looking to get a sprinter van and jump in. you mentioned about driving for awhile first,along with it being important to the area you are in.

    I would like to talk with you a few minutes on that myself and see if you would extend that offer to chat to me.
    Thanks Geo
    Mike McClain
    What an awesome guy. It was a pleasure talking to you and picking your brain. Very knowledgeable about the industry and has the years to back it up.
    Hi we are a team looking to work for someone to pay payments on a van if u know someone like that please let us know prefer allstate tychevy or gmc 3500 extended cargo van 06-08
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    Hi geo, never got a chance to call yet...getting prepared for orientation on Tuesday with Prestige, are you on the road or at home?
    alway home, in hampton roads
    long time no talk to.
    If you had not heard yet, GSP was closed down last monday. they offered to move me to charlotte or other option was 'hit the road'

    I'm now doing ceva hotshots. got 3 runs last week.
    it's a lot better than running local stuff.

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