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  • Do you have info on TST Expedited Services?
    They are a good company and treat you well. I ran for them back in 96 and 97. Made good money with them when i did run.
    Hey Dave
    I just ran across your message and sure, we would be glad to grab a bite with you.
    Gotta get ready to head up North now:)
    I just got your message today as we had a Pig Roast on Sept 11 and 12 for our drivers and their wifes. I sent you a PM.
    seem to have a problem responding to mesages on this forum..
    We are h/w team from Tampa Bay area in Florida. Thinking of driving tractor/trailer for fleet owner. We're thinking of working for someone and if we like expediting we'll get our own truck. Probably run hard for few more years then scale down a bit and coast for last 10 ....
    I read a post you had about Panther.
    My wife and I are considering purchasing a unit and teaming, however I have not been able to get a solid answer from a recruiter about miles teams are getting.
    Any insight?
    Thank you,
    aka galactic slug
    do you know any owners that is looking for a team they want to stay temp control if possible their owner is getting his trucks repoed if you do please give Bernadette Hall a call
    at 352-438-7120 if you run across anyone
    Hey Dave one of these days we will catch up with you! Are you going to try and be at the Expo this year?
    hey dave i keep trying to contact you for old time sake but no reply to my emails if you feel like saying hi my old mate give wombat .. pete a buzz on the phone 814 706 9677
    Hey - where did ya go at the FedEx Pride and Polish? I came looking for you and you were no where to be found!! Catch up to you later!
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