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    Moving to DFW, looking for opportunites.

    Ceva is a good company too.
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    Outrageous Insurance Cost

    Call John or Shelly at CIS. I believe they advertise on here.
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    Facebook is running people off

    Today I got a warning from Facebook telling me that my account could be suspended for terrorist activity. I was like really? All I posted was a video showing that people who claim to be Trump supporters was being let past the barriers by the police. They didn't strom the barriers from the...
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    The State of Freight Today (Coronavirus Effects)?

    Things was just starting to pick up for us until the shutdowns came. We lost two teams from it. New drivers for us can't even go to class at our carrier until April 13th. I pray that no expedite driver gets sick from this nasty stuff.
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    They are a good company and treat you well. I ran for them back in 96 and 97. Made good money...

    They are a good company and treat you well. I ran for them back in 96 and 97. Made good money with them when i did run.
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    Loves Buys Speedco

    STORES CLOSING EARLY OCTOBER 31 On Tuesday, October 31, all Speedco locations will temporarily close at 6 p.m. local time due to Love's ownership transition and system installation. All Speedco locations will reopen Wednesday, November 1st at noon local time.
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    A stroll down memory lane.

    John What made you walk away other than your son?
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    Expedite Youtube VBlog

    I wanted to share with everyone about the Vblogs (Video Blogs) that a few expediters are doing. I hope you don't mind Lawrence. One husband and wife team is The Crafty Truckers, with Jason and Heather who also has a blog on EO. They talk about many different things to help out people that just...
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    Ta/Petro Citizens Award

    A few days ago I got a phone call from TA/Petro telling me that I had been nominated twice for the TA/Petro Citizens Award. I was in tears as this is a honor for me and a total shock. I do a lot of charity work that I try to keep it private, but TA/Petro knew everything. It's an honor to me...
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    Solar Eclipse - What are you doing?

    I was at the TA in Nashville and it was pretty cool. The place went dark and all the lights came on everywhere. Then we got a load picking up in Evansville, Indiana 154 miles away. I didn't even make it to my pickup and had to take my half hour break. Traffic was worst than NY city for 144...
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    How's It Going @ FedEx Custom Critical?

    My uncle Jim had four tractors with drop decks on with Landstar Ranger and did very well. When he retired he sold off his truck repair business and racing team, but kept the trucks a few more years.
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    No .. it's August .. Locations & More

    I hope our load crosses the border today so we can leave on time to our deliver on Monday morning. That way we can go to the Nickleback concert. I have had tickets for two months now.
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    No .. it's August .. Locations & More

    Picking up in Laredo, Tx at the Bolt Express cross dock and going to Madison Heights, Michigan for a Monday morning delivery. Then off to the house to go to a Nickleback concert on Monday night.
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    Where is everyone at???

    I stayed off of here for a few years, but always read the posts when I could. There is a lot of good information that can be learned from each other without fighting. I was one that would get mad at what people thought or said. I could care less anymore, people are going to say things you don't...
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    Remembering fellow expedite people.

    That is cool Geo as we both have shared the same goal over the years. Thank you my friend.