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Expedite Youtube VBlog


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I wanted to share with everyone about the Vblogs (Video Blogs) that a few expediters are doing. I hope you don't mind Lawrence. One husband and wife team is The Crafty Truckers, with Jason and Heather who also has a blog on EO. They talk about many different things to help out people that just started in the business. Good information as I have watched a few of their videos and they are doing an outstanding job helping new people that just started out in expediting.

The other husband and wife team is called the trucking couple with Frank and Stephanie. They talk about their travels in expediting and they too give out some great information. So if you're bored in the truck waiting on your next load or waiting to pickup your next load.

Check out " The Crafty Trucker" and "The Trucking Couple" on youtube. Great information and cool things to watch.
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