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  • Hi ken, we are truck 61421. we delivered 2 a grocery warehouse fri and we are still here monday. 8 pallets got refused because they shifted. they keep telling us to try 2 get the cons to take it but they say no way. we have been sitting on this load since thursday. when i call in the disp. keeps sending msg to customer service but nothing gets done. everytime i call in even today its like its the first time calling about the prob. any info would help. thanks. you can call me at 607-382-3021. thanks
    im going to stop bichin.
    im going to make today a good day, even if i have to run somebody over to do it.
    hey scuba. i hate to bend your ear on this, but don't know who else to talk to. im sitting in memphis, and refused a load going to texas, because it was a team load, and i would simply be the pick up man, again. so they stick me on this load coming out of mury,ky which is 450 miles away. they never sent it too my qc, or phone, and when i saw it on the internet, i refused it over the qualcom, and they left me on it for an hour and a half after i refused it. they finally took me off at around 7 pm. then they offered me a load that picks up south of jackson,,,(i deadheaded here from canton) and i refused that one as well. im back on the mystery load and again, no qualcom, no text message. were it not for my laptop, i would have no clue that im not available for a load. Pro#'s involved are 89780, 89784, 89637. is this the new punishment for refusing loads, put us on one we are unaware of, and let the board fill up before they take us off???
    Well, after a week no phone call from Sean. I must be confused... I don't feel confused... but I must be ;)
    Thanks for looking into this and getting me the correct answer to the board position issue, I talked to Lyn (team straight truck council) and he said the exact same thing. Thanks again and good luck in your underwater adventures!. Paul.
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