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  • i think im going to start hanging out here a bit more often. i think it makes me look bad to only show up when i have a problem, or am angry. sorry guys.
    not at all pleased with this new thing where they put me on a load, but never send it to my qc or cell phone. if i didn't have a laptop, id never know that i was on a load, and not available for something coming up in the area i am in. i just get skipped over, because im on pro.
    you want to punish me for turning down picking up loads for teams, fine. but neither of us are making money if you don't bother telling me about a load so i can accept it or refuse it and move on. none of my acceptance decisions are personal, they are business. do not make this personal because you get a bee in your bonnet.
    ok, particulars.
    tractor # is 09483
    white freight liner Columbia.
    married Caucasian male, 37 years old

    im easy going, but i don't do bars. typically hang out in the truck, and do the internet thing when not rolling. live near atlanta.
    like old cars, boats, and bikes.
    anything you wanna know, just ask.

    former millis transfer driver.
    tried fedex cc white glove for a short time.
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