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  • I've been watching some of your videos on Youtube. In one, you mentioned you had a video about your first week in the business and how stressful it was, but I can't find it. Can you tell me how to locate it? Thanks for all you guys do.

    Your article about team driving came at the right time.
    My truck owner called yesterday and asked when I switch to his Mack next week, would I mentor a young driver for 9 months to improve his driving. Thought about.. Don't want... but could use the extra money that teams provide...
    Your thoughts??
    So you would be team driving with this person? That in itself can be tough. The extra money team driving is good and if you are going to train you need to get some more. When we are looking at something like this we consider if the pay is worth the pain....
    Thx for replying back. Don't know about extra pay. My reward would be helping a young driver being introduced to the glamorous world of expediting??
    Yes that would be great also but remember it is going to be a lot more work on your part as well.
    Hey Bob and linda. It's michael and Melissa from the 4 star awards.we sat at the same table at atlantis hope u remember us.just wondering why you left fedex.. thinking about leaving too just wondering if I can pick your brain a little bit
    What % of people on a secure load actually log all the time working security as on-duty?I've wondered this often, but seldom discuss such loads so the topic doesn't come up in conversation. We do, and it costs us future revenue oppurtunities. I've been treated badly by drivers for my logging opinions. If you can't get the revenue needed in the available hours you need to adjust your rates.
    Skip i do not check this page often and missed your posts! One of these days I hope we catch up with you and can sit down to a cup of tea. Our daughter is doing thank you for asking.
    Sorry to hear about your daughter, we hope and pray all is well.I was incorrect that I spoke to you all, my apologies. Hope she gets well soon. Skip
    If I was wrong in you being the one I spoke to, I apologize. Youu do have the same names though and are highly respected by FDCC. Skip
    My apologies for not responding back to your response to me. Yes, the back doors are equally awesome. We (my same household team driver and I) truly enjoy reading about ya'lls adventures, trials and tribulations. We find them very interesting, encouraging and inspiring at times. I mainly stopped posting because most peoples opinions are biased and some are down right hateful. I haven't stopped posting totally, just slowed down a bit. Anyways, keep your posts coming cause we enjoy reading them. Maybe we will run into ya'll one ay. Our truck is a red KW W/G DR4417. If you see us and aren't busy, give us a shout. Motor safe and God Bless. Skip
    The truck u have pictured looks good. We are in a KW right now but we are thinking bout buying one like ya'lls after winter. Also, thanx 4 the "thumbs up". I tried 2 give u a thumbs up as well, but haven't figured out how 2 do that yet. Motor safe, skipr
    The truck looks nice Bob and Linda. Keep up the great work you do for the business. Remember if your around Medina and Bob wants to do a PM service your more than welcome to use our shop anytime.
    What Exppedter accident were you talking about never heard of any, also missed getting to go to expo wanted to see ya and hey were the ones getting the new cascadia of Express-1 the show our boss was there all of our friends sent us pictures. Pretty excited!! Take care be safe!
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