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    dot physical

    do you have to have a dot physical and card to drive a sprinter van ?
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    truck with shower

    I know there are a lot of options,miles, year, size, but how much is a round about figure for a used straight truck with a shower??i dont seem to find many in any classifids i have looked on! Thanks for any input..
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    Birthday! Happy Birthday jelliot!

    happy b-day from a stranger that just had to say after reading this forum since 09 but still not back driving, as of yet to see anything negitive about you, and its plain to see your drivers and employee"s really care about you, you must be a jam -up guy!!
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    Net migration from Mexico dips to zero

    i think it means there all over here already!!
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    hiring on with C&M ....

    ok here goes,,not sure if you can do this here but i'm gonna try,,here we have a 7 + yr driver in a bind, trying hard to stay in expediting, not sure if she even wants the help, dont know how she got in such a bind, but it seem like with over 2000 views we all could offer a little help!! i am...
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    bath in truck

    have seen a few straight trucks on here lately with bath's and was wondering if the people who drive them feel as if it is worth the extra expense and trouble??--thank you in advance for any input! ga rebel
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    Sprinter Cargo Hold Dimensions

    so is the 158 wheel base to best size to get to keep under -log spec's?
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    For the Newbies to Think About

    maybe i need to clarify a couple things,1st-the sprinter i buy will only be a newer used w/records..2nd-the savings i have has mostly came from flipping homes in a better market leaving me with a small house payment.3rd-the job im on ive been there 6 yrs and bring home 350 a week and as in...
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    For the Newbies to Think About

    the sad part of getting into expediting if your almost homeless, is the fact that you most likely will be unless your very patient and smart..i did expedite w/ tristate as a straight owner in 2000-2003 and it was very diffrent then. ive been reading this forum since 9/09 learning again ...
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    anyone with us express expedite yet?

    has anybody checked out us express new expedite divison? if so whats your thoughts??
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    what is american lafrance,i see their ads selling all over so i was wondering what kind of outfit are they?
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    Safe place near Duluth ga?

    better to park at walmart on hwy 20 or in sawanee
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    sprinter age

    stll dont have 1,,still debating on getting back into it,,comparing prices,age,milesyou would think after 1.5 yrs of reading forum i would have learned something
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    sprinter age

    what is the oldest age sprinter vans most companys allow?
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    good questions from newbies to recruiters

    how about some of you seasoned drivers give some input on questions for recruiters as we all know they dont always lay it all on the table...could save some wrong decision making,,,thanks--