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Industry Blogs on EO to Help You Grow—and Protect—Your Business

By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
Posted Nov 30th 2021 9:33AM

The ancient Roman emperor and philosopher, Marcus Aurelius, put it best when he said, “Our life is what our thoughts make it.”

And the same can be said about your business. It becomes what your “thoughts make it” to be.

But how do you ensure you’re focusing on the thoughts that take you toward your goals and not away from them?

One way is to consume content that inspires you to grow, challenges you to think differently, and offers good ideas and tested strategies to help you become the best you can be in the expedite business.

That’s why I wanted to highlight some of the expediter blogs we have on EO. They’re written by industry professionals and experts who’ve taken the time to share their experiences, lessons learned, and new insights to help you achieve your goals in expediting.

You may already be following these blogs. But if not, check these out!

Rescue Your Revenue: Kelsea Eckert, Attorney at Law

New to the EO blog lineup in 2021 is Kelsea Eckert, an attorney who represents owner-operator truck drivers, transportation companies, and insurance companies across the U.S.

Some of her latest posts:
Protect Your Business After an Accident: Look. Accidents happen. Even the safest drivers sometimes get hit on the road or in a parking lot. So when your truck gets hit, what steps should you take to expedite your claim, collect your lost income, and protect your business?

Protect Your Business After Faulty Repairs: You took your truck to the shop for an oil change. But the mechanic didn’t put the plug back on correctly, causing the oil to leak and the engine to seize after you left. Now, you’ve got to replace the engine to get your truck back in service. What should you do? What recourse do you have?

Fuel for Thought: Greg Huggins

Greg Huggins is a veteran solo owner-operator with Landstar who writes articles that offer a unique perspective to challenge how you think about the industry, yourself, and your business.

Some of his latest posts:
Change More Than Just Your Carrier: Changing carriers is a big decision. And sometimes you’re better off staying where you are. So, what should you consider when you’re thinking about making a change?

Be Right: It’s dangerous for vehicles to pass you on the right. But when it happens to you when you’re in the middle lane, do you get frustrated about it? If so, Greg recommends having a different perspective.

Service: You want to earn more revenue as an expediter? Provide exceptional service with a great attitude. Greg offers great insight into how to do just that.

It’s a Team’s Life: Linda & Bob Caffee

Linda and Bob Caffee are long-time expedite owner-operators with Landstar who have a wealth of experience in this industry.

Some of their latest posts:
Do You Cook in Your Sink: How and where do you cook meals in your truck? Linda shares some of her tips for how she and Bob cook on the road.

Be a Professional: What can Disney teach you about running a successful expedited trucking business? According to Linda, “It’s all about the philosophy of Disney to provide customer satisfaction.” This article unpacks some of the details of how she and Bob apply that philosophy to their business.

Tiny Home: Linda and Bob are on the road anywhere from two to four months at a time. That’s why it’s important to them to ensure their “tiny home”—aka their sleeper—offers as comfortable a lifestyle as possible. So, as they plan their next truck and sleeper, what changes will they make?