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By Linda Caffee
Posted Oct 30th 2021 8:16AM

My love of Disney is well known and some think it is all about the mouse.  In truth, it is all about the philosophy of Disney to provide customer satisfaction.  

Our first goal is to figure out who our customer is and in our current situation our customer is the agent who gave us the load and in turn their customer.  In order to provide exceptional service for the agent, we have to make their customer happy.  

When we accept a load we have several I’s to dot and T’s to cross.  

Answer the phone or make the phone call about a load:

  • Ask for details about the load to make an informed decision 
  • After accepting load ask more questions about their customer 
  • Times to pick up and deliver 
  • Type of freight - hazmat - skids - floor load - on rollers
  • Any special requirements - liftgate - pallet jack - blanket wrap - etc

Call Consignee:

  • Introduce yourself and why you are calling
  • Verify time to deliver
  • Ask questions about location and where they want you to deliver (often no dock)
  • Is there anything special you need to know about the location


  • Follow the customer's directions on delivery location 
  • Once again introduce yourself and your company 
  • Be friendly and professional 
  • Follow customers directions on where and how they want their freight unloaded

After delivery let your customer (the agent or dispatcher) know you have delivered and email them the times of pickup and delivery as well as a copy of the BOL.  If asked to deliver or load differently than a dock, include those details in the email.  The email should be short and once again professional and thank them for the load. 

Our goal is to have our customers (agent) want us to carry all of their loads that require white glove treatment.  

Think about the Disney Logic - Make every customer experience magical

Bob & Linda Caffee


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