Fuel for Thought

Change More Than Just Your Carrier

By Greg Huggins
Posted Nov 13th 2021 8:54AM

For a leased owner operator, changing carriers can be a challenge. Deciding to make a change will sometimes be the most difficult part. Finding a new carrier to lease onto can be time consuming and expensive. If you choose too quickly, you could make a big mistake and have to repeat the process over again very soon. When you have found a new carrier and decide to make the move, immerse yourself in the new carrier’s culture to learn not only how their system works, but also how you can best fit in and profit from your decision to change carriers. 

Each carrier has a way of doing things, no two are completely the same. There are no perfect carriers, just as there are no perfect drivers. The key is to find one which aligns with your business style, business attitude and business goals. 

Don’t bring your old carrier with you. While there may have been aspects of your old carrier that you liked, remember, you left them for a reason (or possibly many reasons), left that all behind. Sure, you may bring some skills with you, but leave your old carrier’s policies and procedures behind. You obviously liked what your new carrier had to offer when you read and signed the lease (I truly hope you read and understood your contract), so don’t try to upset the applecart now that they do not do things the way your old carrier did.

Change is difficult for many, but changing carriers means more than a new lease, new decals and a different pay scale.If you were going to bring your old carrier’s ways to your new position, you could’ve saved yourself and others a lot of paperwork and aggravation and stayed where you were. 

It can be expensive to change carriers, make an informed decision. Research. Research. Research. Then research some more. Be ready and willing to accept the changes you agree to in your new lease. It is much easier to work with the carrier system than to work against yourself.

See you down the road,