Fuel for Thought

Be Right

By Greg Huggins
Posted Oct 29th 2021 7:47AM

We see bad drivers everyday. Well, we see other drivers, cars and trucks, that we consider bad drivers. People making what we consider dangerous maneuvers on the road, driving erratically or distracted driving. We see other drivers holding up the left lane on the interstate, using it as a cruising lane. Drivers passing on the right, instead of on the left.

If you think people passing you on the right is bad and dangerous, consider your own actions. Many times drivers have to resort to passing on the right because someone refuses to drive in the right lane. If this is you, please move to the right lane. You are part of the problem if you drive in the middle of a multilane highway and are being passed on the right. You are less likely to be passed on the right if you are in the right lane.

See you down the road,