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Do you cook in your sink?

By Linda Caffee
Posted Nov 10th 2021 8:31AM

Before we had a sink in the truck I cooked on the floor.  Not something you see many do while at home.  Truck drivers who live in a small space for most of their time doing what they have to when they want a home-cooked meal.

When we bought our first sleeper that had a sink it was awesome!  Set the pot in the sink to cook and when we stopped later in the day we would have a nice meal.  Such a step up from cooking on the floor.

Twenty-one years later I still cook in the sink due to limited counter space and think nothing of it.  Isn’t that what sleeper sinks are for?  I started thinking of how many meals I have prepared using the sink and I figured out I do not have that much time. 

Recently we added the Traeger Pellet Grill to our truck and today I am using the liftgate to cook Spaghetti Squash on the grill and making Spaghetti Sauce in the sink.  Now for the normal part of dinner, we will eat at a table!  My how far we have come in twenty-one years.  More on the Traeger grill later as we are still learning. 

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