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    Flying J Fuel

    Thanks Gents for all your reply's. The main reason I fuel at the J,is its the only T/S where we can get shower credits for a minimal fuel purchase. 1/2 credit for 20 gallons. Thanks for the tip on Wilco, we'll have to give them a try. We agree that it is impossible to ascertain the Cetane...
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    Flying J Fuel

    Just a comment on the quaility of fuel that we are getting at the Flying J. We have a Sprinter, and when we fuel up at most Flying J's especially Georgia, our Sprinter appears to lose power. Most noticeably it downshifts frequently on minor grades whether empty or loaded. When we fuel at the J...
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    Florida and expediting

    You didn't say what you will be driving. I've been expediting out of Florida (Central Fl area) with three different company's, in both a D unit and a Sprinter Van. 99% of the time we d/h to Columbia, or Atlanta for loads to get us back in the system. Or you can stay at the house and wait a week...
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    Sprinter Killer looks nice, but I'll keep my Sprinter... God Bless America
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    Lease purchase

    One of the best threads I've seen here..... Raceman you are wise beyond your years..... Night Rider my first driving opportunity (15 years ago),was a lease purchase plan. It was too good to be true. I realized down the road that everytime I got a little ahead, the company (Commercial Carrier...
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    Lease purchase

    DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want to be in the drivers seat as far as ownership goes, save your cash and buy a truck....If thats not feasible, then your chances of suceeding in business are abysmal. If you own your own truck, you are a business owner first, and driving the...
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    Quicken would certainly serve your needs... It serves mine remarkably well........ God Bless America
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    Greatest City to visit?

    Venice, Italy.....It's like going back in time...Walk the same avenues that Marco Polo has tread..The Doge's Palace, and the Piazza of San Marco, are unforgettable.... The history, and the romantic ambiance of the city is overwhelming. God Bless America
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    need a PM from a Nations Express driver

    Being a previous contractor with Nation's, it is my experience that they sometimes don't run a really tight ship,(who does these days?), but they never, ever, shorted our pay, or failed to pay us. God Bless America
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    Do i really need room for three pallets?

    With a custom sleeper installed in our tall roof, long wheelbase Sprinter 2500, we are limited to about 2100 lbs, and 2 skids. We have never lost a load due to space restrictions, or because we couldn't scale it legally. God Bless America
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    Valve Adjustment

    Was just at the Dodge dealer getting the transmissioned serviced on our Sprinter. I asked the tech about running an overhead on it. He looked at me with a puzzling look after I explained to him what an overhead was, and he said that he thought the valves in the mercedes 5 cyl are hydraulic and...
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    Sprinter Idle Speed

    Made my idle stick out of a common home depot yardstick. 99 cents. Although we very seldom idle. 1/2 to 1 hour would be the max. God Bless America
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    Front-Mount Carrier

    I just keep my generator in the Sprinter cargo area. Its a small 2000 watt. Never has been a problem, as far cargo space is concerned. I chain it to the back bumper when in use. Works like a champ. God Bless America
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    Expediters Hall of Fame

    Thanks for the history Dave... God Bless America
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    Sunday Night in Arkansas

    Right on about the Arkansas Roads. In 2003 we were caught up in a snow storm in Arkansas, (and it wasn't that bad of a storm). They shut down I40, for 8 hours, and when it was opened back up, it took us 10 hours to travel 140 miles west to east, and the Interstate was so ice rutted the jarring...