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    Your Truck Was Observed...

    Hate is a strong word Phil.I don't hate anybody but have a strong dislike for individuals who are always treatening to sue somebody or even EO for comments that they dislike. You constanly discuss items that you claim to have expertise in but sadly you don't . So before this thread turns into a...
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    Has Anyone Met a Hobby Expediter?

    I have met plenty of hobby expediters. But sometimes after a few years of all night driving in bad weather they look for another hobby.
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    Expediters Going Hungry, For Real

    I think the A Team has lost touch with reality. A Team does not support a household or has children needing shoes etc. Easy to set high standards when no obligations need to be met. Of course this business is about profits. You can have all the high standards you think are great but when no...
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    recruiter promises

    Wow nasty promises and if all is as they say it they should consider legal action.
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    Sitting in a Truck Stop not worth giving up a weekend with The Kids

    Memories Memories What has happened to Marvin and Kev aka Marvin?
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    CDL-A College degree!

    Higher education never hurts,even if your goal is to be the shower attendant at the Flying J.
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    Sitting in a Truck Stop not worth giving up a weekend with The Kids

    I think this sort of dialogue should just be PM's to each other rather then the General Forum.
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    New and old Candidate

    Kinda fun watching the Hildabeast and Obama the rock star beat each other up with any negative thing they can find. I predict the Democratic convention will be a bloody BS scene with neither one getting enough delegates for the nomination. So what happens next,coming out of Tennesse to save...
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    American oil

    Gregg does your number 1 fan claim to have had umpteen occupations and was a qualifed EXPERT in all of them. Does this fan write 10,000 word dissertations on how to spec and buy a truck and also tell you that owning a home is not in your best expediting interests.
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    Panther Discreminating The O/o !!!!

    Beats the hell out of me,sometimes I think someone is playing us and sitting back laughing. Her posts make no sense.
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    Panther Discreminating The O/o !!!!

    Both Leo and Dave have been with Panther a long time and have given you good advice,but you continue to reject it. What are you looking for,someone to cut a check and mail it to you the day a trip is completed,all companys require paperwork that is complete and correct before they issue payment...
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    Freightliner FL70 vs Business Class model

    The M2 is the successor to the FL 70/80 series. The FL 70's have not been manufactured for about 4-5 years. Most M2's have Mercedes Benz engines with some Cats also available. I have driven several up to date M2's and think it is a good truck. The tried and true FL 70 had a bad reputation but...
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    Ripoff parking at MATS

    Fishing must be a lot of fun in South Dakota in March. Bet you never feel that Artic Clipper wind. LOL
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    Panther Discreminating The O/o !!!!

    ???????? What are you trying to say? Does the government of Macedonia have a legal judgement against your husband and do they have a court order to garnishee his pay from Panther. If they do you should certainly be aware of it. Macedonia is borded by Albania and Greece somehow I can't see this...
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    Where is the best place to call home to be near the frieght lanes?

    You also need to ask yourself,do I want to live in a truck the rest of my life or do I want to have a home to go to and relax and get away from the rigors of the the expediting lifestyle. Probably 90% of EO members prefer to have a home. The previously mentioned cities have much inbound freight...