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It's a Team's Life

We sit and we wait…

By Linda Caffee
Posted May 15th 2020 7:12AM

We sit, and we wait…

Right now, with the time between loads, what do you do?

Recently I wrote a blog about my hobbies, and now I will share Bob’s.

Anyone that knows Bob knows that he likes to keep the truck looking good.  This truck is no different except that it is blue, and it shows the dirt or smudges much better than our white trucks. 

He still has several projects he wants to do to the truck, including finishing the skirting and also getting our air conditioning to use the solar instead of the generator.  Hopefully, before the weather gets too hot, he will have the needed time at home to change over the air conditioning.

This past weekend Bob spent the day polishing, and the truck sure reflects the sun nicely. 

Bob & Linda Caffee


Saint Louis MO

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Expediting isn't just a lifestyle, it's an adventure;

Expediting isn't just an adventure, it's a job;

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