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By Sandy and Stephen
Posted May 6th 2024 8:00AM

We recently found a product that was only available in Europe until recently.  They are called Drumclips.  Finally, this product was made available in the United States (US).  The Drumclip makes it easy to secure drums on a pallet, in a trailer or in a container. Drumclip is used to transport drums by road, rail and sea. 

Some friends of ours were finally use some of them.  They hauled a pallet with four drums of hazmat and see pictures on how they were used.  They told us that they worked great and no movement at all on the drums from shipper to receiver.  The exact words they used the were awesome.

Note:  In above pictures the load bars that were holding the drums and pallet from sliding to the back of the truck were removed to take all the above pictures.

Above is a better picture of one at the very top of the blog.

They come in three different styles and each is used on specific drum type.

  • The DRUMCLIP DC18A RED is designed for tight head UN200-litre drums and should be used exclusively for these drums. You can recognize the tight head drums by a closed top.
  • The DRUMCLIP DC19B GREEN is designed for two types of drums. First, the open head UN200-litre drums, recognizable by an open top, which can be closed with a separate lid and sealing ring. The other type is the 200-litre plastic drum.
  • The DC23C Orange, is made especially for ISO drums. These drums are designed for export and fit perfectly in a sea container: to find out if DRUMCLIP DC23C ORANGE fits your drum, measure the diameter on the closing ring. It should be around 585 mm.

We found one distributer here in the US and it was Trison in Texas.  Here are the links to each of the above clips.

For more information here is the products website:  Drumclip Website



Sandy & Stephen

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