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nothing but net

Nothing But Net

By Kelly Plumb
Posted May 8th 2024 8:00AM

A couple of months ago, acquaintances were involved in an accident. While the details are not known, the result is. The semi driver(s) may never drive again. Physical ailments might keep at least one of the semi drivers off the road permanently. Costly medical care may be an ongoing burden for many months or even years. 

More recently, friends of ours were involved in an accident. A car was traveling the wrong way on their side of the road. Our friend tried to avoid the car by switching lanes. Unfortunately, the car followed and collided head on with our friends semi. Our friends walked away with bumps, bruises and scratches.

What causes a driver to walk away from a tragic accident while another may never drive again? Using ALL the safety features that are available to all drivers and co-drivers. Full disclosure: I was on the side of NOT using the net in the sleeper until recently. Why? Because in the past the net draped directly over me. I felt trapped. I could not sleep. I was concerned about being stuck under the net. As you can see from the picture in this article, that is not the case with our current truck. There is plenty of room for me to be able to roll over if needed. So now I have no excuse not to use the net. 

In talking with other drivers and friends about the net, I came to realize that the net is no different than the seat belt that is part of the driver’s or passenger’s seat in the cab. By law we are required to use them. It is only for our safety.

I also learned that when investigating a crash, it can be determined wether or not the net was being used. I do not know HOW investigators can figure that out. Suffice it to say that as long as they can I will continue to use the net. The difference could be a financial windfall versus no payout at all. More importantly, the difference could be that of life or death!

In closing, let this be my public service reminder to always use the provided safety net that is in your sleeper. I may not know you all; however, you are all my trucking family. Every time I see a truck involved accident I am sad for the driver and their loved ones. Please stay safe out there!

Here’s to millions of SAFE and prosperous miles!

Kelly Plumb