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Valentine’s Day - Just SAY No

By Linda Caffee
Posted Feb 14th 2019 6:16AM

In years past Bob’s sister owned a flower shop and she needed every person she could find to help the day before and on Valentine’s day.  The amount of money spent on flowers that were going to die within a week was horrendous.  If this day fell on a school day it was almost embarrassing watching the young men try to outdo each other in what they bought for their girlfriends that needed to be delivered to the school.  We would start delivering flowers at eight in the morning and often we were not finished till eight in the evening.  The flower shop made a lot of money on one of their biggest holidays of the year.  All this left a bad taste in my mouth.

The stores sell all kinds of Valentine’s hearts, candy, teddy bears, and stuff that is cute on February 14th and quickly loses value on February 15th.   Instead of buying a stuffed heart for your loved one what about creating a wonderful memory that will be carried forever? 

When we were in the first ten years of our marriage a few times we would go out on this day for a nice dinner and what a stressful event that would be.  The town we lived in was small, less than 2500 people and the restaurants would go all out with a Valentines special for two, flower on the table, nice tablecloth, and pack every seat they could for maximum profit.  The dining room would be loud, crowded, and a line waiting to get in to eat, the last thing we would want to do was linger over our meal to enjoy the evening.

After a bit, we figured out for us Valentine’s craze was just that a craze and it was not for us.  Both Bob and I enjoy going out for a nice meal.  Our goal though when having this nice meal, is a quiet restaurant with atmosphere, good food, good service, and time to enjoy our evening. 

Showing someone, you love them does not happen on one day of the year it happens all year.  Don’t fall into the money trap as it is the 14’th of February do something special at random times throughout the year because you are still in love and you want to not because of a calendar date.

Bob & Linda Caffee


Saint Louis MO

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