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A hotel is a hotel, right?

By Linda Caffee
Posted Mar 20th 2021 9:42AM

We recently had our truck in the Freightliner Sacramento Truck Center shop, and they do not allow pets or people in the truck while working on it.  What we thought was going to be a quick fix turned into a lengthy fix. 

The first night that we had to get a hotel, we could leave the pets in the truck locked into Freightliners yard.  We stayed at a great hotel, Element by Westin, near the airport and only a few miles from the Freightliner dealership.  My bad, as I did not ask if they took pets. I assumed that they did not.

The next day we sat in the driver's lounge waiting to hear about the truck for the day. Finally, late afternoon we learned that the quick fix did not work, and now it was the worst-case scenario, and the truck would be down for at least a week.  We looked at hotels that we knew took pets and the Red Roof Inn was the closest to the Freightliner.  

All I can say is this hotel was one of the worst hotels we have stayed in.  The hotel is situated in a poor, and I mean a very scary section of town. 

The Red Roof Inn is an older hotel with the original beds and the original exterior door.  We could easily see daylight around the door's edges, and we were thankful that the weather is mild.  All-day and all night, we listened to sirens and people clanging up and down the stairs and yelling.  Security patrolled afternoons and nights.

The first day we were in the Red Roof Inn, I received an email from The Element asking about our stay and if we would be back.  I smarted off and emailed her that we would love to return if the hotel allowed pets. 

Well, Sierra emailed me a picture of a dog sitting on a couch and said we allow pets.  I almost fell off my chair as The Element is a lovely hotel with a small kitchen and a very nice part of town with lots to do in the area.  

The Element costs more per night, but we can now enjoy getting outside and taking Texas for walks and not worrying about our safety. We decided to leave the Red Roof Inn and check back into The Element, and we could not be happier.  The hotel is new, and the beds are very nice.  Another feature is a desk!  In the mornings, I will be able to get up and sit at the desk and work away.

We have to see the bad to see the good, and we sure experienced this recently.  

Bob & Linda Caffee


Saint Louis MO

Expediters since January 2005

[email protected]


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