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Fuel for Thought

Have you ever been to Springfield?

By Greg Huggins
Posted Sep 27th 2020 8:17AM

Have you ever been to Springfield? How about Midway or Fairview? Traveling around the U.S., we see many cities or towns with the same name. It stands to reason that it is because there are so many towns, even in the same state, with the exact same names that we would see the same town over and over but in a different place.

You have probably heard of the driver who went to Duluth, MN when he should have gone to Duluth, GA (or vice versa).

If you were asked to take a trip to Las Vegas, you would assume Nevada, but there are other lesser known towns by the same name in other states as well. 

Most people think Springfield can be found in every U.S. state, that’s nearly true. While it can be found in 34 states, it is not the community name that appears in the most states.

Fairview and Midway are the most common names for communities in the U.S., yet neither appear in every state either. Fairview can be found in 288 places and Midway can be found in 256 places, but neither of these community names can be found in all U.S. states.

The most recent count shows that Riverside can be found in more states than any other city/town name. If you are going to Riverside, you could be going to any of the 186 places, in 46 states where Riverside can be found. The only 4 states without a community named Riverside are Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana and Oklahoma. 

Before you head out on your next trip, make sure to check the state for the correct city, and then check to be sure it is the correct city in that state. With 186 communities named Riverside but in only 46 states, there are about 4 per state to choose from.

See you down the road,